Friday, January 16, 2009

Links dump...

It seemed for a long time that there was just nothing going on in the world of bikes that I was getting excited about - so I wasn't writing a whole lot. Now, there's a ton of info that I want to pass along and it seems like I can't find the time to do it all. So, as crude as it may be - here's a bunch of the stuff that's on my mind and in my inbox that I'd like to pass along:

#1: Bontrager Race X Lite shoe review:

First actual test I've seen on these shoes - and since I expressed my thoughts on them in my multi-part update on Trek World, I thought I'd pass this along to augment my coverage of this exciting new offering from Bontrager and Trek. Here's the link to the story at Pez Cycling News:

Bontrager Race X Lite shoe review

#2: Trek Madone on YouTube

You may have run across this already, as it's been on YouTube for almost a year, but I was just made aware of this through the NBDA e-mail list for bike dealers. It's a great video from a program on the National Geographic channel detailing the revolutionary frameset of the Madone series. Check it out:

The video offers a rare look into Trek's carbon fiber production facility (A place that was only opened to the public back in 2003 - and I had to sign a confidentiality agreement at that time to get to see it!). It's an interesting look at the bikes - even for someone like me who has toured the facility 4 times, seen the testing you see being done on the bikes in person, and spoken face-to-face with some of the individuals in the video. I think you'll enjoy it.

One fun little aside - one year (probably August of 2006 as I recall) when I was on the factory tour - there was a frame in the front impact low-cycle testing jig that you see highlighted toward the end of the video. The frame was covered by a bike box. They said it was a new "secret" project they were working on. I found out later it was the new Madone that we have in the store now!

#3: Bicycle Frame Building Video on You Tube

Finally, this post on YouTube, also harvested from the NBDA e-list, shows the construction of bicycle frames and the assembly of the complete bike. Not quite the same quality of machine as in the previous video - but no less interesting. China and Taiwan produce somewhere near 80% of the world's bicycles in facilities just like this one. Enjoy.

Thanks for watching!

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