Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's Happening at Allegro Elite Cycling?

Here's a little look at what I've been up to this spring in my "work life" at Allegro Elite Cycling...

Click photo to go to Allegro's website...
If you haven't checked out my services; please head over there and see how I can help you love your cycling experience even more. There are some cool bike photos too - sort of a photo resume' - of many of the custom bike projects I have completed in the decade plus that I have been serving my clients.

Then; "Like" my Facebook Page for updates on appointment availability, special pricing, and other important happenings!

While I appreciate your readership here on the blog - if you live in the Washington County/West Portland area I would love to serve your cycling needs too. Look me up and lets talk about how I can help!

After that - go take a ride!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ride Report: First Spring Rides on the Waterford

It hasn't been a particularly nasty winter or spring - so perhaps this is more of a admission to how little I am riding right now (sad, I know). But, for the first time since fall I have been able to get the Waterford; my main steed (or ''sunny-day go-fast bike'') out twice to stretch her legs. It was a wonderful thing to be back on my main machine after riding the single-speed 'cross bike any time I was able to sneak away for a quick spin.

That ride revealed some wonderful things that I thought were worth sharing. Perhaps I feel that way because I am newly inspired again and doped up on natural vitamin D. Perhaps these were legitimate mini-revelations. Perhaps I am merely scraping the bottom of the barrel for writing material. Whichever the case - it is my blog so you are going to read about it anyway... :-)

Lame attempts at humor aside; I felt there was a few things worth writing about. Some of which will come in this post - some in subsequent posts. Here's a quick index:

  1. First road test of the Shimano RS-80's I got this fall. Like I said; I've been on the single-speed...sad, huh? However, I am now certain in my choice for new every-day wheels.
  2. New Clif Shot Gel road test. Hmmm; after years of using Hammer Products I am now having to search for alternatives. Read more about that soon.
  3. I am also testing Endurox R4 recovery drink after almost a decade of using Hammer Recoverite. Review coming soon.
  4. My habitual spring shake-down of all my components...made significant by the fact that my Waterford will celebrate it's 10th birthday this October! Keep reading for more...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Tire Pressure: What Can We Learn From Paris-Roubaix?

via Wikimedia Commons
My clients and frequent readers know that there are some small aspects of cycling that I can really "geek-out" about.  Tires and tire pressure are just one of them.

There are several places here on RoadRageCycling that I have discussed tire pressure from a variety of angles and today I submit another supporting article gleaned from tech data at yesterday's 2013 running of the legendary Paris-Roubaix.

Now, first; I should say that most of us do not ride under the conditions seen on any running of this historically punishing race. The distance, conditions, road surfaces, and intensity are factors that the sane among us usually try to avoid. Coupled with certain equipment choices that are not available or accessible to many of us - I will admit that a grain or two of salt should be used as you analyze this data and begin to apply it to your cycling preparation and habits.

However; the data also supports some techniques that I have been trumpeting for some time now as I have been using them in my cycling life and found the results to be favorable.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Paris-Roubaix: Where to watch...when you have no cable.

So we're cutting back in my home and we got rid of cable a few months ago; which - as a big sports nut - has been a little difficult for me. Luckily my money-saving strategy is not a unique one and there are many places out there to still get your sports fix.

It's a little more difficult for cycling; but possible none-the-less. has been my go-to for a few years now when I am away from a cable connection or our main TV is otherwise occupied (I am married with 3 boys; so I can't always have the TV...that's my reality).

Monday, April 1, 2013

Video: Cancellara`s Big Flanders Win

If you were busy with other things early Easter morning like I was, you missed Fabian Cancellara`s excellent move in the closing kilometers of the Tour of Flanders to seal a victory over Peter Sagan by over a minute. Here`s a link to a Dutch video documenting the move. Fabian really put the hurt on Sagan in the final 25 meters of the climb - watch the gap that develops.

The gap that Fabian was able to develop over the final kilometers is quite remarkable and remeniscent of his dominating victories in Flanders and Roubaix a few years ago (you know, that year that he was accused of having a small motor in his bike???).


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