Friday, May 31, 2013

Expanded Services at Allegro Elite Cycling

As the summer event season kicks off - here's some news that may be of interest to you...

New services are launching at Allegro Elite Cycling. In addition to expert fitting and maintenance services; I now offer
  • Personal Technical & Mechanical Support
  • Event Technical & Mechanical Support
  • Individual Technical and Mechanical Instruction
  • Group, Club, and Team Presentations
I have always enjoyed and been available for these services and have performed them on several occasions with great results for my clients. I decided it was time to add some formality and structure and begin to publicize my availability in these arenas.

Pricing varies for these services - and in some cases there is no charge.

See the new page at Allegro Elite Cycling for more info or contact me with questions and to make booking arrangements.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Ideal Cycling Kit

I love the new opportunities I have had to bring you material from other writers. A fresh perspective from my old, tired, tech-heavy approach is great from time to time and this post is no different.

Pamela Simon has been hooked on cycling ever since the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and regularly blogs about her experiences in the saddle. Thanks, Pamela for allowing me to post your work. I am happy to publish it.

And with that, enjoy! -Matt.

If you’re thinking about taking up cycling as a hobby or as part of a training regime with a view to compete, you need to make sure you’re properly equipped. Cycling has some different requirements to other sports, and a standard t-shirt and shorts combination probably won’t cut it if you want to do it properly. So, what do you need in your kit if you’re going to make it big in the world of cycling?

Of course, the first thing you need is a good bike. It’s important that this is the right size for you. While it can be OK to buy a cheap second hand bike, you need to make sure it isn’t too big or small before you agree to buy it. Going to a specialist bike shop may mean spending more on your bike, but you will know that it suits your size perfectly, so it will be perfectly safe and comfortable to ride and won’t cause any injuries from being the wrong size or shape for your body.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Danilo Di Luca out of the Giro - Positive for EPO. REALLY????

No, this is not a new "Blast From the Past" series I am starting - and it isn't for VeloNews either...
Oh, I get it - Oprah isn't as influential in Europe. That must be it. Because here in 'Merica we all learned a lot one weekend this past winter: Drugs are bad, cheaters get caught, don't do drugs.

Wow. What more can one really say? The performance-enhancing drug problem in cycling is either far bigger and deeper than we really thought (and I've been covering it for a while now); or some of the cyclists really are that deluded and think they will not get caught.

I vote for option #2...mixed with a little ignorance on the side.

Sorry for the short and blunt post - but seriously? What is it going to take?

Get the point already, guys! Clean up or get out.

Or, go start your own race league where drugs are legal; let Lance race, and go chase his skinny little tail around the Alps and Pyrenees for old times' sake.

Now - there is a long weekend coming up: squeeze in an extra ride!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Interview with Bashir at All About

Recently I was approached by another blogger; Bashir Kassam, who was interested in interviewing me for a feature on his comprehensive and rather appropriately named website:

Feeling very flattered at such an offer I was happy to oblige - especially since Bashir and I seem to have common goals in demystifying cycling for beginners and helping others to progress in their enjoyment of the sport through sharing knowledge and experience that is otherwise hard to access.

We discussed bike fitting in detail (go figure...) and Bashir asked some excellent questions that I have not written about in some time or along such lines. It was a great exercise for me and surely has inspired some more content for this site as well.

Visit Bashir's site for great info and read the whole interview here:

Then, go out and ride!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Developing A Simple Cardio Cycling Routine That Fits Around Stressful Lives – You Don’t Even Have To Join A Gym!

This week I'm bringing you a general fitness related guest post from Alex which has some good advice for all of us. Alex is an enthusiastic blogger and cyclist.  He often takes the time out of his busy life to take part in cardio cycling sessions and has seen his health and fitness improve hugely.
I hope you enjoy it! - Matt.

Have you been amazed by the cost of gym memberships? They have spiraled out of control! The average gym now charges members £50 per month, with premium gyms bumping the cost up to a ridiculously high £100. Even for those that can afford the monthly fee, the worry is that with work and their personal life, they won’t be able to get value for money.

If you are considering doing cardio on a regular basis, then joining a gym is not necessary. Cycling is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular endurance. In fact, getting outdoors and avoiding the gym is a lot healthier and going to be much more fun than sitting in a gym. Here is the great thing about cardio routines; you can choose exactly how you work out! Whether you are someone worried about their long term health, or someone who just wants to improve their fitness ready for an upcoming sporting event, you can tailor a routine around your every single need.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Fake and Counterfeit Bikes Than Ever

Fake Specialized with a sheared-off headtube. Photo:
I took this topic up a number of years ago and it is one of the more popular topics on the site. While I don't write about it often I do when I feel there is something interesting and important to report.

I've covered the topic here:
Online Bike Fraud (Oct. 2006)

More Buyer Beware (Jan. 2007)

Beware of Knock-Offs (Feb. 2009)

Online Fraud Again (Jul. 2009)

While I love bikes and good deals just as much as anyone else; there is a certain measure of "buyer beware" to be had when shopping for your next purchase. That deal that seems too good to be true - may be just that. And I would hate for you to be the one who finds out the hard way.

"Just how pervasive of an issue is this, Matt?"


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