Monday, January 26, 2009

Trek ProjectOne is Up and Running!

They're here....

Click for larger photo...I hope to have pictures of the actual bikes this week - these are from

So the long awaited arrival of the new batch of custom and semi-custom Madones from Trek are now rolling in. We have several on order at the store (both for stock and for clients); and we've received two at the Beaverton store already which are excellent examples of what is possible through the program. And, in the case of the bikes pictured - the choices shown are at no additional charge!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Links dump...

It seemed for a long time that there was just nothing going on in the world of bikes that I was getting excited about - so I wasn't writing a whole lot. Now, there's a ton of info that I want to pass along and it seems like I can't find the time to do it all. So, as crude as it may be - here's a bunch of the stuff that's on my mind and in my inbox that I'd like to pass along:

#1: Bontrager Race X Lite shoe review:

First actual test I've seen on these shoes - and since I expressed my thoughts on them in my multi-part update on Trek World, I thought I'd pass this along to augment my coverage of this exciting new offering from Bontrager and Trek. Here's the link to the story at Pez Cycling News:

Bontrager Race X Lite shoe review

#2: Trek Madone on YouTube

You may have run across this already, as it's been on YouTube for almost a year, but I was just made aware of this through the NBDA e-mail list for bike dealers. It's a great video from a program on the National Geographic channel detailing the revolutionary frameset of the Madone series. Check it out:

The video offers a rare look into Trek's carbon fiber production facility (A place that was only opened to the public back in 2003 - and I had to sign a confidentiality agreement at that time to get to see it!). It's an interesting look at the bikes - even for someone like me who has toured the facility 4 times, seen the testing you see being done on the bikes in person, and spoken face-to-face with some of the individuals in the video. I think you'll enjoy it.

One fun little aside - one year (probably August of 2006 as I recall) when I was on the factory tour - there was a frame in the front impact low-cycle testing jig that you see highlighted toward the end of the video. The frame was covered by a bike box. They said it was a new "secret" project they were working on. I found out later it was the new Madone that we have in the store now!

#3: Bicycle Frame Building Video on You Tube

Finally, this post on YouTube, also harvested from the NBDA e-list, shows the construction of bicycle frames and the assembly of the complete bike. Not quite the same quality of machine as in the previous video - but no less interesting. China and Taiwan produce somewhere near 80% of the world's bicycles in facilities just like this one. Enjoy.

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bontrager InForm RL Saddle - Follow up.

So I've been so lax in posting that I have had people tracking me down at work for updates on some of the things I've left hanging out there...namely the Bontrager InForm Saddle that I've been riding lately. (Jeff, again - thanks for the effort in tracking me down...I hope you're enjoying your new saddle.) So, thanks for humoring me while I get caught up. And for those of you who have been waiting for some resolution on things; it's coming - thanks for your patience. And, without further adieu: my final analysis on the InForm RL saddle from Bontrager.

First - if you've not yet read my initial write up on this saddle; start here. The following will make much more sense if you read this all in sequence.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pay it Forward

Wow! It's been a long time since I last posted! Sorry about that; no excuses - I've just been busy.

So, here's my latest thing - you know I have a bit of a different view of the whole bicycle advocacy and "right-to-the-road" thing. Well, the more I think about this; especially while riding, the more it appears to be true:

The way a car reacts to your presence on the road as a cyclist is a direct result of the behavior of the last person on a bike they encountered.

Think about it. They have no reason to have anything against you usually; or to the contrary to feel favorably toward you and your bike. They're acting on the assumptions they formed about cyclists based on other cyclists they encountered before you. So my thing is to do my best to give the riders up the road from me the best possible chance of having a positive interaction with the cars that have passed me. That's right, it's pretty selfless and doesn't deliver a lot of instrant gratification. In fact, you may never get to benefit from the fruits of your labors. But, do something for somebody else every once in a while: stop at lights and stop signs; signal your turns; be predictable. The rider up the road from you might be me. (wait, that might influence you to do the opposite...) Well, at least you can count on me to assume that the rider up the road might be you...

Finally, sorry for the lack of posts.
Thanks for reading.


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