Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wacky April Fool's Day Stories

April 1 always seems to be a day for big news in the cycling industry. VeloNews and Cyclingnews get the scoop on exclusive stories with preposterous accusations, controversial regulations, or just plain infuriating content. And if you believe them - this is your day. Here's this year's content:

VeloNews (
-Armstrong Sharpens Sprint
The give-away here is the photo of the German Track cyclists' legs and the claim that Armstrong has been consulting with German coaches for similar results before the Tour [de France].
A spinoff of the above story; and mentioned in other stories on the website - not a serious endeavour.

-Lennard Zinn
All I have to say is: Really, Lennard? You expected us to buy that? Really?

-New UCI Eyewear Regs
Again, pretty transparent story (and certainly not distortion free) - along with the accompanying "question" on the Explainer's article.

Unfortunately the story about a Valverde ban is real - unfortunate that the riders don't ever seem to learn that they can't beat the new tests. And, to be entirely honest, I'm still trying to figure out whether the story about Theo Bos is real or not. If it's fake - it's well done!

Cyclingnews (
Much like last year; the CN crew based their story around far-fetched carbon fiber componentry. However, with how far composite materials are being pushed in the bike industry - one of these days the story is going to be believeable. Definitely visit the website associated with the story:

All in all, the stories are in good fun. I enjoy rooting them out every year. Nice work, guys!


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