Friday, October 23, 2009

2010 S-Works Roubaix Custom - in process

Stuart has been away from the sport a while, but is used to riding the best. When he finally came to visit me at the store, he'd ridden just about every bike that would be on anyone's short-list. After a quick test-ride on our demo Roubaix Pro; expertly fitted before he rolled out of the store of course, I think he was pretty well sold.

After talking more about what he had in mind and how he intended to use the bike - we discovered that a box-stock bike was not quite what we needed. Not foreign territory for me - I couldn't wait to custom-spec one for him. We ended up with a 2010 Roubaix S-Works frameset, spec'd with Dura Ace 7900 compact components and Dura Ace 7850 c24 cl wheels (reviewed almost 2 years ago here). All the parts finally arrived in the store today - so off to work I went. Better to not make someone wait, right?

Dura Ace & S-Works components - only the best will do.
(Click for larger photos...)

Care to guess the dollar value of this box of goodies? Dura Ace group and pedals, S-Works shoes and stem, Selle Italia saddle, Conti GP4000s tires, and assorted other sundries...
ready for assembly.

Some of the best clincher wheels I've ever ridden.

Oooooh, there it is - fresh out of the box. Hadn't been in the store 1 hour...and seatpost, headset, fork and stem are already installed.It's a bad picture - mostly because I took it. The matte black 7900 parts w/ the matte black frame finish and the carbon stem faceplate and handlebar are just too tough! Meanest looking Roubaix I've seen!

Black on black on black.

How she looked when I headed home for the night. Too long of a day to be in a good frame of mind for running cables and installing that directional 7900 chain. Best left for tomorrow if we want it done right the first time! Still pretty tough looking - and no, the child seat in the back-ground is not for this bike...the unique joys of a full-service bike shop that sells pro-level gear.

So, we'll be done tomorrow and probably end up with a nice feature on the blog. Our scale in the store is broken - so if anyone with a working digital scale wants to help - stop by the store late tomorrow afternoon and weigh this sucker for us! The sharper eyed among you may have noticed that we're using Ultegra 6700 shifters and front derailleur on this one. I have a great reason for this - which I'll reveal on the final article. Yup, you'll have to tune in later for the rest of the story.

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  1. Why no white Dura Ace? Thats what I would have built it with.



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