Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Cyclists Need GPS

...and this is not a sales pitch disguised as a new story.  Really thought provoking - this one.  I may have finally been pushed over the ledge toward getting one myself after reading this.

I ran across this story during my almost-weekly "try-to-catch-up-on-the-news" trip to Jonathan ran a story he'd received as a tip from a friend (I guess this story is going viral...) about a pro cyclist who'd been hit by a car. Basically, the route and telemetry data from the rider's Garmin Edge 500 GPS unit served as a sort of "cycling black-box" to prove where he was and where he had come from at the time the incident occurred in order to support his side of the story. 
It's quite convincing and the sort of thing that should make you think twice about it (or in the case where some of you may be having a hard time convincing the significant-other to buy into your "need" to have one - this may be the rational, safety-oriented purpose that brings them around).

It's best told in the words of the rider himself. Here's the link to the story on the rider's blog:

Enjoy.  Thanks for reading.  Have a great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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