Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Greg LeMond: Industry Revolutionary

Greg LeMond is perhaps best known recently for being an outspoken critic of Lance Armstrong and his claims to clean cycling. Even recently, Greg offered an open letter to the UCI's Pat McQuaid asking him to resign and citing (in summary) willful ignorance when it comes to the purported doping system that Armstrong and U.S. Postal Pro Cycling allegedly ran according to the USADA's recent Reasoned Decision.

But my opinion is; having met the man on several occasions and having some mutual friends, this sells Greg very short (as most generalizations tend to do). And to go a step further - Greg is more than the first (only?*) American to win the Tour de France and the guy who popularized clipless pedals, carbon frames, and "aero bars" for road race time trials.

Truthfully, to talk about anyone simply in regard to their profession is still selling them short; but as far as Greg's influence on cycling in general he has been nothing shy of a revolutionary. One might go so far as to say that without Greg LeMond, there could not have been a Lance Armstrong. Further, the American bicycle industry would not be what it is today without his influence (and I have made those claims many times in the past).

I recently read an article on bikeradar.com which included an excerpt from what appears to be a fascinating book on influential bicycle designers. I enjoyed the part on LeMond - possibly because of my acquaintance with him and affinity for the bikes (both pre- and Trek-era). I can only imagine what the rest of it may be like. I think I know another book that's being added to my Christmas List!

Enjoy the full article HERE

*With Armstrong (and previously; Floyd Landis) being stripped of victories...Greg technically is the only American to have won the tour...again...

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