Friday, January 25, 2013

Video: Oprah's Interview with Lance Armstrong

I have somewhat openly covered doping in cycling here over the years - taking a stance that was somewhat unpopular: that there is more of it going on than we realize and some of our heroes are guilty.The hottest topic in cycling and sports lately...regardless of how you feel about it. Some are a little disappointed or disgruntled. Others feel relieved that it is out in the open.

Myself: I think once you realized that 1) Armstrong has been one if the biggest and best liars in the world for the last 15+ years and this story is so ingrained in his psyche that the lie feels more like the truth now and 2) his arrogance and litigious brutality is a defense mechanism he uses when he cannot; in his words, "control the narrative". This is a small step in the right direction - much like getting the first olive out of the jar - and now the other steps may come easier.

(Click past the break for video and comments...)

Perhaps my perspective comes from having known about much of this for the better part of ten years; so I have already dealt with disappointment and merely had my suspicions confirmed last week.

If you missed it or just want to review the contents - here is the first segment of the interview. I may post more...we'll see.

Also worth looking up is CNN's feature: The World according to Lance Armstrong - including detailed interviews with Tyler Hamilton.

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