Thursday, March 7, 2013

Finding the Latest Cycling or Tri Gear Available

As a bike fitter it is part of my job to know the best solutions for a wide swath of varied and diverse problems. Trust me; it is not easy to keep up with all the product offerings available from the various brands out there in the wide world of cycling. And when it comes to the incredibly gear-centered sport of triathlon – an area where a great number of my clients come from – it is even more difficult. The products change so fast – many from year to year – that even the manufacturer websites are not always the most accurate and up to date.

So where does one turn?

Often one of the best sources around is to choose a web retailer. They are motivated to have the cutting edge products listed with specifications and pricing available. I have a short list of sources I trust who have proven to be accurate and reliable – sometimes even beating the manufacturer to getting the latest info out on the web. When I am needing to search a widevariety of triathlon gear for a client; my source is frequently Their thorough website often allows me to garner the information I need to also address questions and issues for my clients in their swim, run, and transitions.


  1. Points taken! What a great resource! Two thumbs up! I’ll surely keep what I’ve learn on what this article had shared in mind… Thanks for sharing!

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