Friday, June 28, 2013

Where to Watch Tour de France 2013 Online

Many of you have unplugged the cable TV just like we have.

In my house; that makes College Football season, the Olympics, Portland Trailblazers gamedays and the first three weeks of July particularly difficult.

However; there is a solution...

The foremost authority in online international cycling streaming:; will have streaming options for the TdF in many languages from many sources ready to go.

Honestly; I particularly enjoy watching it in another language from time to time - especially Spanish or Italian where I can understand a word or phrase here and there - just to get a different flavor. Some of the commentators' passion really shines through!

To be frank though; nothing is quite like watching a bunch sprint or mountain top finish called by Paul Sherwin and Phil Ligget though...

Head to Steephill's TdF homepage for all the latest news and links. (Scroll down a little to find the link to the pages hosting each day's TV streaming options...)

Enjoy the race!


  1. Sites like yours are responsible for the end of streaming links on steephill. Phil and Paul are the worst commentators around. They don't know any riders anymore and their nationalist bias is disgusting. Some of us that understand Flemish, Spanish, and Italian would have appreciated if these kind of pirated internet operations were left for people to discover on their own

    1. I'm usually a very nice guy - especially to those who take the time to comment on my blog. But, when you come here to bash me and my efforts and don't have the guts to put your name on it: the gloves come off!

      First: Don't be a wuss. I don't hide my identity here and I have the intestinal fortitude to say what I think, feel, agree with, and disagree with while leaving it out in the open for everyone to read. It takes absolutely zero confidence or conviction to attack someone online anonymously. Own up.

      Second: I sincerely doubt that my relatively insignificant traffic had anything to do with steephill's recent decision. If you are directly affiliated with steephill and want to discuss this further - have some manners and self esteem and contact me directly rather than lashing out anonymously. I'll be happy to engage in a mature and business-like exchange with those who put forth the effort.

      To be completely forthcoming - this post has received exactly 67 views at the moment I am writing this. The bounce rate is over 50% - so roughly 30 people have actually spent any time viewing the page. The click-through rate is under 10%. So you're trying to tell me that the 6 people I sent to steephill caused their current situation? Preposterous. (Sorry - do you understand that word? Here it is in kindergarten terms: Silly.)

      I was intending to help my online friends find a source for the race and I think I still have. Get over yourself; grab a tissue for your tears and snotty nose, and move on. There are bigger issues in the world.

      Third: I'm bummed too. I got to watch day one of the TdF for free and then on day two I put my big boy pants on and ponied up $30 for NBC Sports' package. Honestly, I'm glad I did because the quality is better. You get what you pay for.

      Forth: Seriously - you're attaching Phil and Paul? You have no appreciation for legacy. Yeah; I like the contributions of Kirk Herbstreit during a college football game - but if Lou Holtz is commentating a game: I can't change the channel! Best commentator - no; but his perspective is unique, funny, and entertaining. Phil and Paul are the same. Phil Ligget IS the voice of modern bike racing.

      Fifth: Again - man up and put your name on your comment. Wuss.

    2. Further: Steve @ steephill provided a link to an alternative... Have some perseverance (sorry, another big word; it means to not give up), read a complete sentence once in a while, and keep looking. You'll discover that the world is a bigger place that you thought; people are nice and accommodating, and everyone is NOT actually out to get you.

      But I understand - my 7 year old has a hard time thinking of others too. You'll grow out of it.



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