Thursday, October 24, 2013

When Traversing MTB Trails, 29er Mountain Bikes Are the Way to Go

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Mountain biking allows riders to see the glory of the great outdoors while partaking in an awesome exercise regimen. Australia has some of the best trails in the world, with varying levels of difficulty and terrain suited to all types of riders, from novices to advanced mountain biking enthusiasts. Of course, you'll need an appropriate bike to traverse MTB trails, and 29er mountain bikes offer many advantages over traditional 26-inch varieties.

29er mountain bikes

Newbies to the sport may be asking themselves what makes 29er mountain bikes so special? The 29 refers to the wheel circumference; that is 29 inches around as opposed to the standard 26-inch configuration. While some claim the 29er mountain bikes are unnecessary, most enthusiasts agree that these bikes offer many benefits thanks to the increased wheel size. 29er mountain bikes may not be ideal for every rider, but many will enjoy the enhanced ride and increased stability offered by these highly popular mountain bikes. Below are just a few of the many upsides afforded by 29er mountain bikes:


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