Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maintaining the Motivation to Exercise

"You said it was a safety-themed month. What does this have to do with safety, Matt?" I can hear you all asking right now...

Without stretching or grasping at straws; here's your answer: Without exception, the times that I have experienced my greatest exercise related injuries and accidents all occurred when I was fighting to get back into a routine after taking time off. If I'm being honest with myself; most of my "time off" has been for lack of motivation, and not other, possibly more "legitimate" reasons.

I've dealt with the topic of motivation before, in fact; you could consider it a cornerstone of the blog as my first post addressed the topic directly.

So, without further adieu; our latest contribution on Motivation. Enjoy.

It is easy to say, I will exercise but what about the commitment and discipline. We need to motivate ourselves in order to sustain regularity and continuity.  We must have that inspiration to do exercise.  If we can have models in our mind, perhaps we can identify with them and be motivated to exercise.  Even without idols as long as we keep in mind that our bodies are God’s temples and without these bodies we won’t be able to carry our spirits nor achieve our purpose here on Earth.  Therefore, let’s get physical.

Self Motivation and Inspiration
A healthy body keeps a person alive whole day. In order to do our tasks for the day and deliver our commitments with value added customer satisfaction, let’s start the day with some inhale and exhale activities as well as a few stretching exercises. We can start from our toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, arms, and up to our head or vice versa. Motions like moving toes and ankles in circles, bending knees, swaying hips, stretching arms, forward and backward movements of shoulders or in cycles, turning the neck and head area to left and right are only few examples of physical activity to begin the day with. 
These simple exercises can be done at home, in gyms or in parks and plazas along with other people. If done outdoors, the freshness in the morning, the greenery of the surrounding, and the people doing their own exercise can to the inspiration too.
Providing Rewards for Employees
If the exercises are planned by companies to keep their employees fit, some rewards are provided like in a sports fest whether on an individual or group category. Teams are created by department or by some other themes or categories.  These can be done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Rewards are given to add to the inspiration of having to do the exercises and get recognized for winning.  Prompting is necessary to level up the excitement.  Competitions help develop team building and soaring high to reach goals.  Executive people and managers are given this type of activity for them to build more on their human capability skills.
Joining Fun Walks or Fun Runs
There are fun walks and fun runs that are organized by some organizations.  We can always join the fun and get started.  It is pretty certain that after a couple of fun walks, we will be inspired to plan our own exercise programs.
Many offices like banks have scheduled fun walks for their employees.  Actually, it is intended for the whole banking industry.  It is a friendly walk.  Each bank is represented by one color as shown on the shirts employees wear.  After the walk, they come together to a covered court and do exercises.  There is even a short program as a culmination activity. During the programs, people can take some coffee, bread, or other forms of snacks as refreshments after the walk.
A fun run is normally organized by companied distributing energy drinks.
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