Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dura Ace Di2 (electronic) on test at

I had meant to post on my hands-on with Sram Red and Dura Ace 7900 from Trek World next - but then I ran across this story and couldn't pass up the opportunity to draw your attention to it. Lots of great photos with this one.

Check out the review at
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trek World 2009 #3: Mountain Bikes

You read that right - and I have been known to get my bikes dirty from time to time by taking them off pavement. In fact, I grew up mountain biking in the foothills of Boise, Idaho and still tend to ride my road bikes more like a MTB. I guess that's why I love my 'cross bike so much!

So enough about me - on to the bikes!

There were a bunch of new and improved mountain bikes this year from both Trek and Fisher. There was way too much going on to fully absorb and report on here. Both lines got changes and upgrades almost from the bottom-up. Trek's aluminum hardtails are probably the part that received the least changes - but still got a styling upgrade. Considering that the 6000- and 8000-series bikes got new hydro-formed frames last year, I can accept the lack of technical upgrades. And, the new styling shows that Trek is making an effort to take their now "Best in Class" bikes and make them look like it; rather than just relying on their technical reputation.

Trek World 2009 #2: Bontrager


The most important gear you own for cycling is where your body meets the bike: hands, seat, and feet. And no where else on the bike is there more going on than at your feet - so shoes are a very important piece of gear.

The idea for Bontrager to expand into "on-body" gear ultimately grew out of the end of the relationship between Trek and Nike which dated back nearly a decade. As a part of the "Best in Class" initiative Trek did not want to just replace Nike, but wanted to improve upon what they learned and deliver truly different products. They hired away a footwear designer from Adidas, Chris Funk - and the current model shoes are a great start. You may have seen some photos on a variety of websites of prototypes that Travis Brown has been testing. The photos seemed to be pretty late-in-development test samples, because they looked a lot like the nearly-finished shoes I saw at the show.

Trek World 2009 #1: Road Bikes

The old is new again in the world of road bikes at Trek World 2009!


No, they didn't bring back the 5200 (although, wouldn't a commemorative edition of the best selling carbon frame in the world be kind of cool...). No, they aren't using recycled carbon fiber for the 2009 Madone (also not a bad idea though...).

Instead, the Madone platform - new for 2008 (See here, here, and here for my coverage), received a new replaceable aluminum derailleur hanger, ceramic bearings on bikes equipped with Sram Red and Shimano 7900, but is otherwise unchanged. However - the long awaited return of Trek's ProjectOne custom program was unveiled.

All I can say is WOW!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trek World 2009 - An Overview

After a one-year absence; I returned to Madison, WI again this August for Trek's annual dealer show: Trek World. This year, Trek added a new showing (they regularly have two shows for U.S. dealers: Top 100 dealers and then everyone else) exclusively for sales staff. Since I'm not managing a store at this time - I qualify. And this show; titled Trek World Backstage, was before all the others and granted us the first look at the new products and services from Big T - before the "grand fromage" descend on Madison. So, enough back story - let's get to the meat.

Gary Fisher Road Bikes!

Yes, you read that right.

The big news at Trek World 2009 was the addition of a line of road bikes to the Fisher family. Admittedly, with a 4 month development cycle - enough time for development of graphics and to place orders with vendors - there's no revolutionary product here currently. But don't read this as meaning that there is no dedication to the concept. At the opening day keynote event - Product Manager Joe Vadeboncoeur tipped their hand a little; showing some hints of what they're working on for the 2010 product launch. It was a very well done multi-media montage which didn't really show enough for even an industry veteran like myself to put an entire puzzle together. But enough to see that the Trek/Fisher road team has some serious stuff in the works which will blow your mind and re-set industry standards and trends much like the LeMond "Min-Max" design and the 2008 Trek Madone did.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Off to Trek World, 2008...

It's been a busy summer, and I apologize for being a little absent from posting. As the season winds down, I'll have more time.

And, just in time for the trade show season! First up is a trip to Madison, Wisconsin for Trek's annual dealer show: Trek World. If you've been reading here for a while (or been bored enough to read back through the archives far enough...) you'll know that this is a highlight of my year. I originally wrote about the 2006 edition (archived here) on my blog at Madison is beautiful this time of year and there's plenty of good food, good riding, and good people (oh, and a few cool bikes too...) which serves nicely as a wrap-up to the season.

I don't know what kind of photos I'll be able to get; but I'll certainly post a review of the show here once I get back. Keep an eye out for the updates.

I'm also hoping to get to Interbike again this year. The plans haven't come together yet, but you'll know if I go.

Thanks for reading.


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