Friday, October 23, 2009

2010 S-Works Roubaix Custom - in process

Stuart has been away from the sport a while, but is used to riding the best. When he finally came to visit me at the store, he'd ridden just about every bike that would be on anyone's short-list. After a quick test-ride on our demo Roubaix Pro; expertly fitted before he rolled out of the store of course, I think he was pretty well sold.

After talking more about what he had in mind and how he intended to use the bike - we discovered that a box-stock bike was not quite what we needed. Not foreign territory for me - I couldn't wait to custom-spec one for him. We ended up with a 2010 Roubaix S-Works frameset, spec'd with Dura Ace 7900 compact components and Dura Ace 7850 c24 cl wheels (reviewed almost 2 years ago here). All the parts finally arrived in the store today - so off to work I went. Better to not make someone wait, right?

Dura Ace & S-Works components - only the best will do.
(Click for larger photos...)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prototype Dura Ace Carbon Pedal

To all of the Shimano reps and employees who; for the past 2 years, have been denying the existence of a carbon pedal prototype when I asked them about it:


Peter, you're the only one who's been honest with me. :)


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