Friday, August 24, 2012

Get Road Rage Cycling on your Mobile Device

I just got around to putting the Android operating system on my HP Touchpad tablet (which is a different blog post for a different blog; but anyway); and while downloading new apps I stumbled upon Google Currents; a service that offers free subscriptions to many top publications in one place so you can easily get the news and content that is important to you. With less than 24 hours to play with the app; I have subscribed to way more content than I can ever hope to read!

But it also got me thinking: I wonder how I can use this to make Road Rage Cycling more accessible?
Turns out it is very simple and so I'm happy to introduce: Road Rage Cycling on Google Currents! Now you'll have access to the blog in a quick to access, mobile-specific format.

The first step is to head to your appropriate app store and download Google Currents for iPhone and iPad or Google Currents for Android. Since I have an iPhone and an Android tablet I have done both and found characteristically easy to do - and free of course. After downloading to your device; a simple set-up screen walks you through the steps which are especially simple if you already have a Google account. The app will sync and you're all set. Don't forget to share this with your cycling friends. If we can get to 200 users Google will give me broader distribution - which will be good for all of us since more readers = a better blog.

Currently, I have the latest articles uploaded, but I will be adding previous content in the coming months. New content appears on the app as soon as it publishes to the blog and you won't miss a thing. So; download Currents and subscribe to Road Rage Cycling  - then you'll have me with you everywhere you go...  which might sound a little creepy; but it's not.  Trust me.

Thanks for your loyal readership. I'm looking to do a lot more in the near future and I hope you'll enjoy!

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