Friday, February 8, 2013

What are your sports nutrition options?

Article written by Lauren Sutton on behalf of leading nutritional supplement supplier Sci-MX.
A lot of people wishing to build up their muscle, improve their diets, or simply just keep a healthily lifestyle, turn to sports nutrition supplements. This is a great way to complement a well-balanced diet and regular exercise plan. However if you're new to the game, it could be tricky to know what exactly you can eat/consume to help boost your health. There are a few key choices on offer; some of which are detailed below.

A lot of nutritional supplement providers have cottoned on to the fact that boring old protein bars just aren't that interested and won't necessarily encourage would-be health enthusiasts to buy their products. As such, they've started creating delicious flapjacks and bars designed not only to taste really good, but also to provide slow-release energy. They are usually jam-packed with good proteins too, making them an ideal choice. Their mix of wholesome ingredients and the right vitamins make them an ideal snack - before or after the gym!

A lot of mainstream energy-boosting drinks are stuffed full of sugar and caffeine, making them good for giving you a sugar high, but not so great for your nutrition. If you want your energy to go further and to increase your protein levels, you could opt for a specially-designed sports drink - one made by a reputable manufacturer of such items, rather than the well-known names. These will include all the ingredients you need to keep you hydrated, healthy and filled to the brim with the right types of vitamins.

These are a favourite with protein enthusiasts and come in many different flavours. Typically, they include filling oats and whey, which help you stay fuller for longer. They are also great at feeding your muscles; giving them the nutrition they need to heal and keep getting stronger. When you work out regularly, your muscles can feel the strain - but shakes can really help your recovery.

Article written by Lauren Sutton on behalf of leading nutritional supplement supplier Sci-MX.

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