Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inside Zipp Speed Weaponry

And the distractions from completing my Trek World updates just keep coming...

Another story that I wanted to pass your way came along the other day - a factory tour at Zipp from

On a personal note - Josh Poertner (on the right in the white sweater) is an R&D guy for Zipp who lives basically around the corner from the old store (as I've come to call Allanti...). I've ridden with him a couple of times and shared a couple of thrillingly technical conversations (one in the Las Vegas airport after Interbike where he divulged the secrets of Zipp's CSC Team Issue wheelset). Josh is a wheel & component genius whom you'll see responding to questions everywhere online from Zipp and Flashpoint blogs to Leonard Zinn's column on VeloNews.
So, check out the article - regardless of whether you feel dimples ought to stay on golf balls or not; you'll find it very interesting.
Thanks for reading.

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