Friday, May 24, 2013

Danilo Di Luca out of the Giro - Positive for EPO. REALLY????

No, this is not a new "Blast From the Past" series I am starting - and it isn't for VeloNews either...
Oh, I get it - Oprah isn't as influential in Europe. That must be it. Because here in 'Merica we all learned a lot one weekend this past winter: Drugs are bad, cheaters get caught, don't do drugs.

Wow. What more can one really say? The performance-enhancing drug problem in cycling is either far bigger and deeper than we really thought (and I've been covering it for a while now); or some of the cyclists really are that deluded and think they will not get caught.

I vote for option #2...mixed with a little ignorance on the side.

Sorry for the short and blunt post - but seriously? What is it going to take?

Get the point already, guys! Clean up or get out.

Or, go start your own race league where drugs are legal; let Lance race, and go chase his skinny little tail around the Alps and Pyrenees for old times' sake.

Now - there is a long weekend coming up: squeeze in an extra ride!

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