Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Interview with Bashir at All About Bicycles.com

Recently I was approached by another blogger; Bashir Kassam, who was interested in interviewing me for a feature on his comprehensive and rather appropriately named website: all-about-bicycles.com.

Feeling very flattered at such an offer I was happy to oblige - especially since Bashir and I seem to have common goals in demystifying cycling for beginners and helping others to progress in their enjoyment of the sport through sharing knowledge and experience that is otherwise hard to access.

We discussed bike fitting in detail (go figure...) and Bashir asked some excellent questions that I have not written about in some time or along such lines. It was a great exercise for me and surely has inspired some more content for this site as well.

Visit Bashir's site for great info and read the whole interview here: http://www.all-about-bicycles.com/matt-magee.html

Then, go out and ride!

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