Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tubular Tire Removal - A Quick Guide

I was removing some cyclocross tubulars today and (after removing the front tire) I realized that there is a proliferation of information and guides online about gluing tubular tires and about removing glue from tubular rims - but not a lot about actually removing the tires.

So I decided to do something about that!

Some of the reason there is not a lot out there about tubular tire removal is that it really can be pretty simple and the best tool you can have is raw effort. But, it never hurts to apply a few tips along the way, right?

(The photos are large - click for super-size detail view)

Step 1: Where to start -
Give yourself some time; nothing should be done with haste when it comes to tubular tires. If you're in a hurry to remove them; you're probably in a hurry to glue them. Gluing "tubi" tires in a hurry results in a garbage glue job and rolled tires. 
I like to begin on the opposite side of the wheel from the valve stem and work my way around the wheel using my thumbs to push the tire from the base tape away from the rim.
 This may partially be habit from removing clincher tires; but it has practical purposes too.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Don Walker and the State of the Industry

I was reading Velonews' interview with Don Walker (founder of the National Handmade Bike Show - NAHBS) this morning and this was too good not to share:
VeloNews: What’s the modern generation of cyclists missing? 
Don Walker: What are they missing? I think they’re missing the point. Let me explain. They keep on thinking that lighter equals better. And that’s not always the case. A light bike can ride like ****. As Roland Della Santa says, somebody asks how much one of your bikes weighs. And he says, “well, what are you going to do? Are you going to weigh it or are you going to ride it?” So many people are just missing the point.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Tax or to License? How Should Cyclists Pay Their "Fair Share"?

I posted this link on the Facebook page but I thought that a location here on the blog would be nice as this site sees far more traffic and could generate some decent discussion in the comments and enjoy a longer "shelf life".

There is some discussion here in the Pacific Northwest about taxing cyclists and bicycle commuters in order to raise revenue for road maintenance based on the argument that bicycle riders are not paying into the fund for road maintenance and are thereby using the infrastructure for free.

Here's the story on Washington State's proposal from local news channel, KGW:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Friction Facts' High Efficiency Chain Lubricant Formula
I first wrote about Jason Smith's Friction Facts last year and since then it seems he's been keeping busy. Jason's work was even featured as a integral part of Velo Magazine's recent study of chain lubes - and seems to have caused many to question the meaning of life; much less their choice of chain lubricant.

I must admit to a little soul searching my self as my long-time favorite: ProLink was found to be among the higher-friction choices. Granted - we're talking about a very small amount of wattage here - probably the same amount my average output fluctuates given my varying fitness levels these days.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What are your sports nutrition options?

Article written by Lauren Sutton on behalf of leading nutritional supplement supplier Sci-MX.
A lot of people wishing to build up their muscle, improve their diets, or simply just keep a healthily lifestyle, turn to sports nutrition supplements. This is a great way to complement a well-balanced diet and regular exercise plan. However if you're new to the game, it could be tricky to know what exactly you can eat/consume to help boost your health. There are a few key choices on offer; some of which are detailed below.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Watch Cyclocross World Championships Live Online


Potential flooding of Eva Bandman park on Sunday in Louisville has forced a reschedule of race events. All Sunday races have been moved to Saturday and the Saturday schedule has been rearranged to accomodate the changes.

The new schedule is as follows: ( be sure to adjust your viewing plans...)

9:45 am ET: Junior Men
11:00 am ET: Elite Women
12:30 pm ET: U23 Men
2:30 pm ET: Elite Men

VeloNews is providing live streaming coverage of all the action from Louisville this year (in leu of a TV contract.) Head to this link to find the schedule and the video.

VeloNews' 2013 Cyclocross Worlds Live Streaming


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