Monday, September 22, 2008

Off to Interbike!

Just a quick note to let you know that I'll be hopping on a plane and flying out to Vegas tomorrow to attend the annual industry trade show - Interbike.

This has become an annual thing for me and I love reconnecting with people whom I talk to frequently, but only see once a year. All the new gear is great to see too. I'm sure to have some things to share once I return home.

I'll be attending the National Criterium Championships for the second year as well. Last year saw Ivan Dominguez with a winning effort in the last 150 meters for an awesome finish. What will we see this year?

I hate Vegas, and can't wait to leave from the moment the plane touches down...but I love Interbike and seeing all my friends.

Until I return...thanks for reading.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shimano R-300 Shoes - Update 2.0

Just thought I'd post another conversation I've had regarding the R300 shoes for those who might be interested... This string of comments appeared on my first update on the shoes

Anonymous Dan said...
Who fit your shoe for you?
September 20, 2008 8:44 AM
Blogger Matt Magee said...

I was originally fitted for R300 shoes by Than White, a Shimano Technical Representative at my old bike shop in Tennessee. After that fitting, I received my personal shoes and had one of the other trained fitters (besides myself) at the old store do the molding.

Since then, I now have a pair of M300 (the mountain version) shoes which I have molded myself; and have also done a second molding on my R300's myself - as I am testing out some Specialized forefoot wedges in both pair of shoes.

Look for a review on the M300 shoes soon!
September 20, 2008 9:42 AM
Shimano claims that the shoes can be molded 3 times and have stated that a second molding is sometimes a way to improve on the fit of the shoe after some use. I can say that my R300's do fit a little more closely and offer even more stability after the second molding.

I've gotten one good hard ride on my cyclocross bike in on the M300's and will publish a review once I can get a few more hours in on them. So far though, I'm quite impressed.

Thanks for reading...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bontrager InForm RL Saddle: First Impression

Something I didn't mention in my Trek World report on Bontrager, which you'll see more of in 2009 is Bontrager's new saddle line. The first two models, R (Race) and RL (Race Lite) came out in the middle of the 2008 model year with the range-topping RXL (Race X Lite) coming out soon.

"So, what's really new in saddles that Bontrager could have discovered...isn't this really just the same song, second verse?"

At first look, you might think this. Bontrager's been doing saddles for a while and not really settled on any one distinct, definitive technology or characteristic to make them truly unique. And now, just like a lot of other top saddle companies; they're doing saddles in multiple widths - nothing new, right? Wrong.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inside Zipp Speed Weaponry

And the distractions from completing my Trek World updates just keep coming...

Another story that I wanted to pass your way came along the other day - a factory tour at Zipp from

On a personal note - Josh Poertner (on the right in the white sweater) is an R&D guy for Zipp who lives basically around the corner from the old store (as I've come to call Allanti...). I've ridden with him a couple of times and shared a couple of thrillingly technical conversations (one in the Las Vegas airport after Interbike where he divulged the secrets of Zipp's CSC Team Issue wheelset). Josh is a wheel & component genius whom you'll see responding to questions everywhere online from Zipp and Flashpoint blogs to Leonard Zinn's column on VeloNews.
So, check out the article - regardless of whether you feel dimples ought to stay on golf balls or not; you'll find it very interesting.
Thanks for reading.


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